PalmOS application: Times4

In my spare time, I've done a little playing with application development for PalmOS devices (for example, the Pilot or Handspring lines). Here's one program that might be sufficiently interesting for actual use: Times4.

Times4 is a clock program that shows you the times in 4 different timezones concurrently. Some features:

Here is a sample screen:

Still, this program could use improvement. If you can think of some interesting feature that you would like me to add, let me know. (For example: it only knows about 17 timezones. The missing ones are just less common...but I should still get around to adding them.) Also, please let me know of any bugs, though I think it is quite stable at this point.

Legal stuff: This program is free for personal use, and may be distributed freely. Modified versions (including rebranding) may not be distributed. This program comes with no warranty, express or implied.

If commercial use or rebranding are desired (unlikely though that seems), please contact me, Jonathan Springer. (Please note that contact information in the "About" dialog of the program may be out-of-date.).

Download the PRC file from here, and install with your usual device installation program.

Usage: This application is fairly straightforward, but there is fairly verbose documentation in the help screens of the program itself, if needed.

Change history:

Updated Feb. 6, 2006